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Carex pendula.

2020-01-02 · Colours indicate possibility of Carex pendula infesting these areas. In the non-coloured areas the plant is unlikely to establish as the climate, soil. Hangende Zegge of Carex Pendula bloeit met lange boogvormige stengels die sierlijk boven de bladeren uitsteken. De groene bladeren zijn leerachtig en breed. Bloeit van April tot Juni. Carex Pendula Hangende Zegge houdt van een koele en schaduwrijke omgeving. Omschrijving. Carex pendula of hangende zegge heeft slappe hangende bloeiaren.De bloei van Carex pendula vindt plaats in de periode mei-juli.Carex pendula wordt in de tuin ongeveer 80-100 cm hoog en staat graag op een plaats in de halfschaduw. Carex pendula staat graag op een vochtige plaats.Carex pendula. Carex pendula Weeping Sedge, Carex: This upright yet arching Carex looks good planted informally in groups, where it can be dotted ammoung herbaceous plants and other lower growing plants, such as Hosta and ferns. It will seed.

2020-02-05 · Carex is a vast genus of more than 2,000 species of grass-like plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges or seg, in older books. Other members of the family Cyperaceae are also called sedges, however those of genus Carex may be called true sedges, and it is the most species-rich genus in the family. Carex pendula right and Scirpus microcarpus left have similar leaf blades in width and color of the upper leaf surface, but can be distinguished based on lower leaf surface. Carex pendula has a less reflective, dull gray-green leaf. Certaines espèces comme le Carex pendula, Carex riparia, ont besoin de sols humides et se plairont en bordure de bassin. Les Carex peuvent d’ailleurs aider à fixer les berges, et ont des propriétés phytoépuratrices. Les carex.

2019-09-16 · Carex pendula pendulous sedge, also known as hanging, drooping or weeping sedge is a large sedge of the genus Carex. It occurs in woodland, scrubland, hedges and beside streams, preferring damp, heavy clay soils. It is sometimes grown as a garden plant because of its distinctive appearance. Carex. Carex pendula Huds. Carice maggiore Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Comune di Venezia, Sestiere Castello, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, VE, Veneto, Italia, - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 License. 2017-09-20 · Carex pendula is a tall, perennial plant which forms large, dense tufts. It can grow to 1.8 metres, occasionally reaching 2.4 metres. The smooth stems are triangular in cross-section with rounded. 2020-01-03 · Carex pendula é uma espécie de planta com flor pertencente à família Cyperaceae. A autoridade científica da espécie é Huds., tendo sido publicada em Flora Anglica 352. 1762. [1]Os seus nomes comuns são carriço-dependurado ou palha-de-amarrar-vinha. [2.

MARKEN-SUCHE. Ob Bilstein, Akrapovic, Autec oder eine andere unserer vielen Marken. Mit unserer Markensuche finden Sie ganz einfach den von Ihnen gewünschten Hersteller. Langes Suchen gehört der Vergangenheit an. Alle. Geographic subdivisions for Carex pendula: ScV, SnFrB: MAP CONTROLS 1. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. 2. California county polygons can be turned off and on in the layer control box.

Hanging sedge Carex pendula VRO Agriculture Victoria.

Buy Carex pendula Pendulous Sedge online from Jacksons Nurseries. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Particularité de l'espèce Carex pendula: 0,60-1,50 m. Touffes de feuilles glauques, 40-50 cm X 8-16 mm, carénées, luisantes, brillant. 5-6 épillets hermaphrodites longs de 5-12 cm, pendants; utricules nombreux, 3 mm, sur des tiges pendantes. Culture Genre Carex. 2019-10-30 · Media in category "Carex pendula"The following 165 files are in this category, out of 165 total. Genus Carex can be deciduous or evergreen, rhizomatous or tufted perennials, with triangular stems bearing linear or strap-shaped leaves and short or long spikes of tiny green or brown flowers Details 'Evergold' is an evergreen sedge forming a clump to 30cm in height, the narrow arching leaves each. 2019-12-23 · Carex pendula pendulous sedge, also known as hanging, drooping or weeping sedge is a large sedge of the genus Carex. It occurs in woodland, scrubland, hedges and beside streams, preferring damp, heavy clay soils. It is sometimes grown as a garden plant because of its distinctive appearance.

References: Aldén, B., S. Ryman, & M. Hjertson. 2012. Svensk Kulturväxtdatabas, SKUD Swedish Cultivated and Utility Plants Database; online resource URL:Botanical Society of the British Isles. BSBI taxon database on-line resource. Czerepanov, S. K. 1995. Vascular plants of Russia and adjacent states the former USSR Cambridge University Press. Carex pendula is a handsome, robust clump-forming species with glaucous foliage; it is sometimes cultivated, especially in water gardens. It has a propensity to self-sow and is beginning to appear outside of cultivation on roadsides and stream banks. Its potential as an invasive species is unknown.

Siergrassen Soorten - Hangende Zegge - Carex Pendula.

2017-01-23 · CAREX pendula € € Touffe hérissée. Feuillage large, retombant, vert foncé. Sol frais à humide au soleil ou à mi-ombre. Entretien de CAREX pendula Pratiquement sans entretien. Supprimer les parties sèches en fin d'hiver, si besoin. € Description de CAREX pendula Genre extrêmement vaste de la famille des Cypéracées. Carex. Carex pendula Huds. Carex pendula Huds. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Carex family Cyperaceae. The record derives from WCSP data supplied on 2012-03-23 which reports it as an accepted name record 229622 with original publication details: Fl. Angl. 352 1762. 2020-02-07 · Seggen Carex sind nicht nur langlebig, anpassungsfähig und robust, sie sind zudem auch in zahlreichen Farben erhältlich – von Frischgrün über mehrfarbig bis hin zu warmen Bronzetönen. Und das Beste an ihnen: In der über 2.000 Arten umfassenden Gattung immer- und wintergrüner Ziergräser findet sich für fast jede Gartensituation die passende Pflanze. Carex. All Carex. albula Low growing, tuft-forming grass with silver-green glossy leaves. Easy to cultivate with constant growth. An important grass for the autumn. pendula Very large evergreen grass with broad pendent leaves. In the garden, this species stands out because of its.

  1. CAREX pendula, Grande laîche - Laîche - Le CAREX pendula pousse en touffe très vigoureuse à feuilles larges, retombantes, vert foncé. Ses Hampes portent de nombreux épillets souples, pendants. Ce CAREX d'1, 50 de haut convient en.
  2. Carex pendula wächst breit horstig. Frage stellen. Vorname Nachname E-Mail Ihre Frage Mit Ausfüllen dieses Formulars stimmen Sie einer Veröffentlichung Ihrer Frage auf dieser Produkt-Seite zu. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht und dient ausschließlich der Kontaktaufnahme.
  3. Die Hänge-Segge Carex pendula ist mit ihrer blau-grünen Blattfärbung ein attraktives Deko-Gras, welches sehr gut zur Auflockerung der Beetgestaltung verwendet werden kann. Im Sommer schmücken Carex pendula grüne Blütenwedel. Sie bevorzugt einen halbschattigen bis schattigen Standort und einen möglichst lockeren, nährstoffreichen Boden. Für gewöhnlich erreicht dieses winterharte.

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Pendulous Sedge Carex pendula supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. Hangende zegge Carex pendula is een vijverplant die weinig onderhoud verlangt. De plant is meestal wintergroen maar de bladeren kunnen in strenge winters lelijk worden. Knip deze lelijk geworden bladeren in het voorjaar terug tot op 10 cm, zodat de aankomende nieuwe scheuten de ruimte hebben. 2020-02-04 · De hangende zegge Carex pendula is een vaste plant uit de cypergrassenfamilie Cyperaceae.De plant komt van nature voor in Eurazië en Noord-Afrika. De soort staat op de Nederlandse Rode lijst van planten als een.

2020-01-28 · La Laîche à épis pendants ou Laîche pendante Carex pendula Huds. est une espèce de plantes herbacées vivaces de la famille des Cyperaceae.Elle se rencontre dans les bois, les garrigues, les haies et à côté des ruisseaux, préférant les sols argileux humides et lourds. Elle est parfois cultivée comme plante de jardin en raison de son apparence distinctive.Native sedge which can form dense clumps of tough dark green pendulous foliage. Tall graceful flowering stems with drooping yellow catkin like flowers. Sun, shade, wet or dry. Great for tough conditions but can re-seed vigorously..

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